Timothy is suited to heavy soils in summer wet areas and is generally sown as part of a permanent pasture at 1-2kg/ha. Production peaks in summer, with little winter or early spring growth.

Dolina - Medium leaved and densely tillered.

Kahu - Old NZ Cultivar.

Timothy (uncertified)


Tall fescue is a deep rooting perennial grass. In comparison to perennial ryegrass, tall fescue is more tolerant of hot dry conditions, has greater summer growth and is slower to establish. Grazing must also be managed strictly than ryegrass to maintain feed quality - particularly in spring with more frequent grazing. It must be sown while soil temperatures are more than 12°C.

Easton Max P - Good early summer and autumn production. Early heading.

Finesse Q - A high yielding, densely tillered, soft-leaf fescue. Semi-late heading.

Hummer - A soft, medium leaved and fine tillered cultivar with good late winter and early spring growth potential. Early heading.

Tower NE/Protek - A soft and palatable grass with good yields from spring to autumn. Late heading.


Cocksfoot is a slow establishing perennial grass with good persistence. It has little winter growth but good growth in summer and is tolerant of dry conditions. It is often used as a minor component in a pasture mix to boost growth and persistence of permanent pastures in summer dry areas. New cocksfoot cultivars are finer leaved than old cultivars making it more compatible with ryegrass.

Cocksfoot (uncertified)

Athos - A palatable, soft leaved cultivar with good annual production and cool-season growth.

Aurus - An upright, high yielding variety with good winter activity and superior Drechslera tolerance.

Greenly II - An upright variety with soft, fine leaves. Greenly II is bred to be quick establishing and perform in a range of environments.

Kainui - A variety with a high tiller density, soft ryegrass-like leaves and good disease tolerance. Mid heading.

Safin - A super-fine leaved cultivar that’s tolerant of grass grub, ASW and low-moderate soil fertility. Good early spring growth makes Safin particularly suited to dryland farm systems.

Savvy - A high yielding and very productive cocksfoot with long, soft leaves and good tiller density.

Tekapo - A densely tillered, less dominating cocksfoot that has good drought tolerance. Suitable for set-stocking and hard rotational grazing. Early flowering.

Vision - Being fine stemmed and leaved but not overly dense makes Vision compatible with grasses and clovers. High yielding and suitable for rotational grazing or set stocking. Mid heading.


Brome grasses are different species and range in persistence. They’re palatable and most suited to free draining soils with moderate fertility. Brome grasses must be sown in warm conditions as they’re slower establishing than ryegrass.

Atom Prairie Grass - Palatable seed heads, good winter production and a pasture life of 2-5 years . Early heading.

Bareno Pasture Brome - High yielding, very palatable and mixes well with clovers. Bareno is more persistent than prairie grass, and tolerates both rotational grazing and set stocking.

Gala Grazing Brome - An early heading perennial. The dense, fine-tillered growth ensures better persistence under harsher grazing and weather conditions than prairie grass.

Matua Prairie Grass - Upright and broad leaved with good winter production. Matua has less persistance under intensive grazing and is only suitable for rotational grazing or cutting systems.

Fog Grass

Phalaris - A perennial grass that tolerates heavy soils in wet winters and also extremely dry summers.