Perennial Ryegrass is the most popular choice in New Zealand for permanent pastures. It's quick establishing, yields well,  has a high nutritive value and can tolerate various management practices. Combine a perennial ryegrass with white clover for a superb all-round pasture.

Ryegrass is a diploid plant naturally, having two sets of chromosomes. A number of tetraploid cultivars have now been developed and have four sets of chromosomes. Tetraploids generally have larger tillers, but fewer of them and are more palatable, but less robust. Tetraploid seeds are larger than seeds of a diploid, so therefore require a higher sowing rate.

AberGain   AR1   -   Tetraploid

Abergreen   LE   -   Diploid with fine-leaved/dense tillers. Late heading; + 17 days

Abermagic   AR1   -   UK diploid, dense tillers. Late heading; + 19 days.

Ansa   Happe    -   Diploid, late heading;+ 14 days.

Avatar NEA - Tetraploid. Late heading; +22 days. Available from spring 2019.

Barrier U2 - Festulolium. Late heading; +16 days.

Base   AR1/AR37   -   Tetraploid. Fine-leaved, high yielding and low aftermath heading. Late heading; + 22 days.

Ceres ONE50   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid. Medium leaf and tiller size. Late heading; + 20 days.

Digby   -   Tetraploid

Excess   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid suited to dairy, beef & sheep systems. Mid heading; + 7 days.

Expo   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid. Very high tiller density and low aftermath heading. Late heading; + 21 days

Governor AR1/AR37/LE

Halo   AR1/AR37   -   Tetraploid with good tiller density. Very late heading; + 25 days.

Hustle   AR1   -   Diploid, +8 days

Kai   -  Tetraploid, late heading, +20 days

Matrix   SE/LE   -   Diploid, fine-leaved, dense tillers, late flowering; + 23 days

Maximus   SE   -   Mid flowering + 2 days, diploid

Moxie   AR1   -   Diploid, +0 days

Nui (Certified or uncertified)  -   0 days

Platform AR37 - Diploid with a medium leaf and high tiller density. Late heading; +12 days.

Prospect   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid. Dense, fine leafed with a late heading date; + 12 days.

Raider NEA2 - Diploid. Late heading; + 18 days.

Rely   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid with a fine leaf and dense tillers. Mid heading date; + 0 days.

Request   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid with good spring, autumn and winter production. Mid heading; +0 days.

Rohan   NEA2/LE   -   Diploid, persistent, spreading perennial, + 18 days

Samson   AR1/AR37   -   Diploid. Medium tillered and fast establishing. Mid heading date; + 3 days.

Stellar   AR1   -   Diploid, fine leaved, + 8 days

Trojan   NEA/LE   -   Diploid. Late heading; + 16 days

Tyson   AR1/LE  -  Early heading - 7 days.

Ultra   AR1/LE   -   Diploid. Fine leaved. Late heading; + 20 days.

Viscount   NEA4/LE  -   Tetraploid. Upright, good early spring growth. Late heading; + 19 days

Voyager   -   Tetraploid

24 Seven   Edge    -   Diploid + 24 days

variaties No Longer Available

Alto   AR37/LE   -   Fine, dense tillers, late heading + 14 days

Arrow   AR1/LE   -   Medium-late heading date + 7 days


Bronte   Happe   -   Diploid, +21 days